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Why didn’t the Eternals help Avengers fight Thanos? Fans answer the question with hilarious memes

After the Eternals teaser dropped on Monday, fans have been quick to question where these new group of superheroes were as the Avengers were busy fighting and sacrificing their lives for the earth and its people. Quite a number of Marvel fans have made memes on the subject, suggesting that the Eternals were busy “chilling” when deviant Thanos blipped half of humanity, thereby changing history.

One user tweeted this hilarious meme and wrote, “The eternals watching the avengers fight loki, ultron, each other and then thanos #Eternals.”

Here is another post on Twitter claiming that Eternals could not be bothered about the goings on of earth and its inhabitants even as Avengers died to protect them from harm.

In the released teaser, Salma Hayek’s voiceover as Ajak informs the audience the Eternals never felt the need to intervene with life on earth until now. Reacting to that, a Twitter user shared this meme and mentioned, “They never interfered.’

Many people who have watched the teaser of the Chloe Zhao directorial cannot seem to help making fun of the fact that a powerful group of superheroes were absent instead of joining hands to fight the good fight.

However, there were a few who jumped to the defence of the Eternals even before they could do that for themselves via the movie or further promos. An impassioned fan shared on Twitter, “Dear all the people getting mad at the #Eternals for not helping the #Avengers defeat Thanos. In the trailer most of what they showed are flashbacks. In the present day the Eternals don’t remember they’re gods. They get awakened in this movie when a Deviant threatens Earth.”

Eternals brings together an unlikely group of actors, including the likes of Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, Gemma Chan among others. The Marvel tentpole has been helmed by the Oscar-winning filmmaker Chloe Zhao. It is scheduled for a November, 2021 release.

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