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Welcome to Earth trailer: Will Smith-led docuseries aims to explore planet’s hidden wonders

A trailer for Welcome to Earth, a six-part docuseries, is here. The National Geographic production has Will Smith being led to an adventure in the earth’s lesser known, inhabited spots to reveal secrets and hidden wonders.

The trailer promises a visually stunning experience that will take the viewer to some of the remotest places of the globe. There are shots of an active volcano, a barren frigid landscape that might well be on another planet, caves, deserts and so on.

“See the planet. Hear the planet. Feel the planet,” the trailer teases.

The docuseries does look something worth waiting for. However, it remains to be seen whether it is intended just to wow and delight the potential viewer or gives a deep understanding of dangers like climate change that are plaguing it.

That is something BBC’s astonishingly brilliant, Sir David Attenborough-hosted documentary film A Perfect Planet did earlier this year.

Showing the beauty, hidden or otherwise, is important, but what is equally important is how human factors are contributing to the destruction of ecosystems and endangering not just our fellow beings like animals and trees, but the entire human race as well.

The YouTube description of the series reads, “Join Will Smith on an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure around the world. Welcome to Earth, an Original Series from National Geographic, is streaming this December only on @DisneyPlus.”

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