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‘Thor’ aka Chris Hemsworth says his son wants to be Superman: ‘Lucky I have two other kids’

Chris Hemsworth is happy he has three kids, because there’s still hope for his Thor to become their favourite superhero. In an adorable Instagram post, the Hollywood star shared how his 7-year-old son is a fan of Superman, and wants to be the son of Krypton when he grows up.

Sharing a click with one of his two sons, who happens to be wearing the famous Superman cape, Chris wrote in his caption, “Holding my little man’s hand and asking him the age old question. “What do you want to be when you grow up” “Dad i wanna be Superman” Lucky I have two other kids.”

Chris plays the popular character Thor, the Norse God of Thunder in Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has so far featured as Thor in eight Marvel Studios’ films, including three standalones ones.

The Australian actor recently shared a video with his son in the same costume and captioned it as, “Introducing the next heavy weight champion of the universe.”

Chris is currently shooting for the fourth installment in the Thor franchise, titled Thor: Love and Thunder. Many speculate this might be his last outing as the superhero, as Natalie Portman aka Jane Foster will take the mantle of Mighty Thor post the movie.

On the other hand, Superman is considered as one of the most popular superheroes. While he hails from another production house and universe – the DC, fans across the world continue to remain divided between Marvel and DC.

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