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The Last Mercenary review roundup: ‘Jean-Claude Van Damme at his best but humor is way more miss than hit’

French action-comedy The Last Mercenary, which marks the comeback of Belgian martial arts and action legend Jean-Claude Van Damme, released on July 30 on Netflix, and it has thus far divided critics.

After 13 reviews, the film holds a rating of 54 per cent on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.

The critics are almost unanimous in their praise of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s performance but do not agree as to the actual quality of The Last Mercenary.

CNN.com’s Brian Lowry wrote in his review, “Jean-Claude Van Damme remains impressively limber, but that’s a rare highlight in The Last Mercenary, which features the Muscles from Brussels in a Paris-sent embarrassment.”

CBR’s Josh Bell opined, “Convoluted and full of dumb jokes and annoying supporting characters, which takes the focus away from its charismatic star’s committed performance.”

Screen Rant’s Sarah Bea Milner noted, “The Last Mercenary is Jean-Claude Van Damme at his best: his comedic timing is as precise, and the movie’s action set pieces are deeply satisfying.”

IGN’s Matt Fowler wrote in his review, “The Last Mercenary has bounding energy and a fun take on star Jean-Claude Van Damme’s past exploits as an action star, but the humor is way more miss than hit and the actual nuts-and-bolts spy plot is a trudge.”

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