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Shamita Shetty’s Bigg Boss OTT journey: Of romance, domination and Karan Johar’s bias

Bigg Boss OTT has reached its last leg with the finale just around the corner. The six-week digital series has received mixed responses from fans. While people were hooked on the 24X7 streaming facility, many felt the contestants were ‘too prepared’ and on the nose.

As we wait to see who among Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Divya Agarwal, Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat take home the trophy, indianexpress.com will list out their strengths and weaknesses, that could be important for the audience to make their choice. Here’s starting with the “Sharara” girl. Read on…

Shamita Shetty’s strengths

Honest: The Bollywood actor has a very clear stand in life and on the show. Starting from the premiere night, Shamita has come across as a strong individual who knew what and how she wants her game to be. Be it sticking to her connection Raqesh or being honest about her animosity with Divya Agarwal, the Mohabbatein actor’s equations have always been honest.


Bond with Raqesh: It may have been a plan or a happy coincidence that Shamita instantly forged a deep bond with her connection Raqesh Bapat. The two are similar in many ways — dignified, mature but also have their differences. While Raqesh is easy-going and forgiving, Shamita gets fixated. They have had their ups and downs and fans have loved watching them together. The making of “ShaRa” was the high point of this season and one of Shamita’s biggest advantages in the game, and recently her mom Sunanda gave her approval to Shamita’s choice.

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Dignified: One of Shamita Shetty’s strengths is that she is very dignified even in her fights. Given she has already been on the show once (season 3), she knows what can it do to one’s image. Also, she came on Bigg Boss OTT with baggage of controversies due to her brother-in-law Raj Kundra’s arrest. However, she managed to sail through it all with her head held high. Shamita’s experience and grace has helped the actor play the game with dignity and we can’t wait to see what the audience has decided for her.



Insecurity: Shamita Shetty’s bond with Raqesh also brought forth her insecurities in the house. She had her set of favourites and she did not want to budge out of that comfort zone, or even let anyone else in. Her animosity with Divya looked like it stemmed from insecurities given the latter was the only contestant who could challenge her. And well, now the game looks completely Shamita vs Divya. Who will win the show, well, we will have to wait till tomorrow to watch that.

Bossy: Apart from being insecure, Shamita Shetty has also come across as dominating and bossy in many instances. It was her constant bickering that got Divya to step away from their friendship. She has also been accused of manipulating Raqesh and his game, first as a connection, and then as a special friend.


Alleged biases: We are no one to judge but Karan Johar’s fondness towards Shamita Shetty is quite visible on screen. Every time KJo interacts with contestants on Sunday Ka Vaar, he mostly bashes the ones against Shamita. And even when he pulls her up for misconduct, his tone is calm and supportive, unlike when he speaks to others, especially Divya. This bias has raised many eyebrows and thus could affect the voting pattern in the finale.

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Bigg Boss OTT finale will air September 18, 7 pm onwards.

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