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Raveena Tandon responds to Twitter user who said her Himachali accent in Aranyak is ‘horrendous’

Raveena Tandon made her digital debut with Netflix show Aranyak. Though the show received a mixed response from critics, she was applauded for her performance. She thanked her fans for their appreciation on social media. However, she responded to a tweet that questioned the actor’s ‘Himachali’ accent in the show and called it ‘horrendous’.

A Twitter user tagged Raveena while sharing her feedback of Aranyak. She wrote, “#Arnayak gets a lot of things right other than @TandonRaveena and others trying to get the Himachali accent right! It is horrendous. Qualified to say this because of being half-Himachali and because I grew up there.”

Reacting to the tweet, the actor asked the user how can she grow up in Sironha when it is a fictional town. She wrote, “Grew up in Sironha? Wow? I thought it was a fictional town.” As the actor responded, another Twitter user pointed how the comment hinted at the person belonging to Himachal Pradesh and Sironha, “The lady clearly meant she is from Himachal.”

Set in the dense forest of the Himalayas, Aranyak features Raveena Tandon as a harried local cop, who joins hands with her city-bred replacement Angad (Parambrata Chatterjee) to solve a big-ticket murder case of a teenage tourist. As the two struggle to nail the serial killing entity, old skeletons get dug up, and a forgotten myth is revived.

Producer Sidharth Roy Kapur recently revealed that the makers are planning on the second season of the show. “You can expect a season two and that’s something the team is working on very hard. With the love the show has received from the audience, we have a lot to live up to and we hope season two matches up to the first one. The characters of Kasturi Dogra and Angad will take forward things from here. There will be Mahadev (Ashutosh Rana) as well. These three characters are the fulcrum of the show. The end of season one gave a hint to it. However, we can’t talk much about part two,” the producer told PTI.

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