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Peacemaker trailer: John Cena-led DC series looks gloriously insane

John Cena is back in the role of Peacemaker in the titular HBO Max series. First introduced in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, the film continues his story beyond the movie. Also created by Gunn, the spinoff series has the character being hired by the US government again, this time for more secret missions. In The Suicide Squad, he was shot in the throat by Idris Elba’s Bloodshot, but a post-credit scene revealed that he was rescued by Amanda Waller.

The trailer promises a typical Gunn story. There are several nicely-done action scenes, not-so-appropriate humour, relatable characters, and a genuine emotional core. For the first time, we see Peacemaker taking a hard look at himself. While he expressed sorrow at killing Rick Flagg in the film as well, this time, he takes stock of his actions.

We also learn that like most Gunn protagonists, Christopher Smith (Peacemaker’s real name) has daddy issues and in one scene his father (played by Robert Patrick) calls him pathetic for getting himself shot.

This is a direct nod to comics, where Smith is haunted by his father being a Nazi death camp commandant.

There is, of course, oodles of gore in the trailer or at least hints of it. The series is R-rated and we can expect all the over-the-top violence that we saw in the original film. Overall, Peacemaker looks like a whole lot of fun

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