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Money Heist actor Alvaro Morte aka The Professor is a cancer survivor: ‘At first I thought I was going to die’

Spanish actor Álvaro Morte, who plays the fan favourite role of Sergio Marquina aka The Profesor in Money Heist, has a lot more to him than what we see in the Netflix show. Álvaro is indeed a fighter in real life too. He is a cancer survivor.

Álvaro was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left leg in 2011, for which he underwent treatment. The actor has over the years spoken candidly about his brush with the disease. In 2016, he told The Observer, “I remember the doctor with a white coat and the stethoscope to come to tell me without anesthesia. (He said) Look, this is happening to you and you have plenty of time to live.”

He further revealed that he took the tumour as something temporary. “For example, a flu, you feel bad, you have fever, shaking, but you know it will happen to you. You do not talk about it. Instead of accepting that I have a slim chance of survival, I tried to turn it on, which, in principle, the logic told me not to.”

Álvaro Morte plays the fan favourite character of Sergio Marquina aka The Profesor in Money Heist. (Photo: Instagram/alvaromorte)

In another interview with the Cocktail magazine, Álvaro said, “At first I thought I was going to die, that my leg was cut but nothing happened. Then I thought, if I die within three months, can I do it calmly? Have I respected the people around me who love me? Have I been faithful to my principles?”

Though Álvaro came out stronger as a survivor, it did change his outlook towards life. “That made me enjoy the moment, since there is nothing that will remove the good humor,” he said.

Álvaro Morte, an engineer-turned-actor, made his debut in 2002. Though he became a leading actor in his home country Spain, he attained worldwide fame after playing the titular role of The Professor in Money Heist. Despite being an introvert on screen, he is the mastermind of the robberies that he plans at the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain.

The upcoming season 5 of Netflix crime drama Money Heist will also mark its finale. Álvaro, along with several other cast members, will return to reprise their parts.

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