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Loki Episode 3 recap: A toast to the end of the world


Chaos continues to reign supreme on Marvel’s Loki. In Episode 2, we saw Loki escaping TVA’s custody with Lady Loki (though she wouldn’t like to be called that). Pandemonium begins as many other timelines begin to branch out from the sacred timeline. In Episode 3, the two Loki variants team up in the face of another looming apocalypse, and along the way, they learn something new about each other. A little champagne does the trick.

Here’s what happens in Episode 3 (Spoilers Ahead):

The episode begins with some peppy music, and we see Lady Loki unwinding with Hunter over some frozen margaritas. It seems like a normal girl’s night out as they are discussing brain freezes. Lady Loki says, “So we’ve been best friends for a long time, right? So you can tell me everything right”. Hunter is having a brain freeze, and Lady Loki asks, “So tell me how many people are guarding the time keepers?” Turns out that this is an illusion and a flashback, as this is how she had interrogated Hunter.

We then see Lady Loki bursting into TVA. While her magic doesn’t work, her martial arts skills do the trick. Loki has followed her, and after much tussle they end up on Lementis-1, a planet that is on the verge of being destroyed by a falling moon. So the two variants decide to team up, and Lady Loki would like the God of Mischief to know that she doesn’t want to be called Loki. She’s Sylvie, and she’s miffed that the ten-pad has run out of charge.

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There is an evacuation vessel on its way out, which Lady Loki is sure will have enough juice to power the ten-pad. The two Lokis head there and see absolute misery and chaos, with people crowding the train. Lady Loki has a plan which is rejected by Loki, who decides to disguise himself. Both of them get on the train and bond over champagne, despite the occasional riffs. During the course of the conversation, Loki brings up his mother, Frigga. It’s an emotional moment as he recalls his mother being “good, and purely decent”. Lady Loki mocks, “Are you sure that she was your mother?” Loki smiles wistfully and admits that he was adopted. “Bit of a spoiler for you,” he says. Lady Loki answers, “No, I knew.” She barely remembers her mother and says it’s “just a blip of a dream”. Loki continues to be nostalgic, and remembers the magic his mother used to teach him as a child. “She was the kind of person you’d want to believe in you,” he says. Lady Loki reveals that she taught herself magic, something which impresses Loki beyond words.

They have more champagne, and they raise a toast to the end of the world. They have a conversation about love, and Lady Loki says that “love is hate”. Loki asks her whether she has a beau. She asks him whether there are ‘princes or princesses’ waiting for Loki. And then there’s the revelation that’s breaking the internet: Loki says a bit of both. They’re ponder more on love.

Loki unwinds and shakes a leg to some Asguardian songs, as Lady Loki relaxes. Loki leaves his disguise aside, which worries Lady Loki. Of course, this doesn’t end well, and after much fighting, they are thrown out of the train. Lady Loki isn’t pleased and is staring daggers at Loki, literally. The next step is to catch the Space Ark. As apocalyptic doom looms closer, the two have a conversation about trust, and she reveals how she is able to trick TVA using fantasy and illusion. And then there’s a twist: They discover everyone from TVA is a variant. Wow, that’s not going to end well.

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The episode ends with Loki watching the end of the world….or is it? And still no post-credits scenes.

Loki streams on Disney Plus Hotstar every Wednesday.

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