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Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer: The Ghostbusters reboot we deserve

After releasing the first trailer in 2019, a brand new trailer of the once much-awaited Ghostbusters Afterlife is here. A sequel to the original films which hit screens in the 1980s, this movie marks the fourth installment in the Ghostbusters franchise.

The 2021 version appears quite in line with the spirit of the franchise. Here, the premise is neatly established as a single mother, played by Carrie Coon, moves to a small town with her two teenage children, played by Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace. The family moves into their late grandfather’s house, and the teenagers find some equipment that leads them to his mysterious past.

This trailer is the kind that will surely stoke the Ghostbusters nostalgia while also setting the base for a new upcoming story. The trailer also hints that we might be looking at a Bill Murray cameo in the film.

Ghostbusters Afterlife was originally scheduled for a release in July 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. After various delays, the film is now all set to release in November 2021.

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