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Bigg Boss OTT evicted contestant Ridhima Pandit: Would have been in a different position if I got to play solo

On Sunday, host Karan Johar evicted Ridhima Pandit and Karan Nath from Bigg Boss OTT. Given the popularity Ridhima enjoys among fans, the announcement came as a shocker to many. While Karan has accepted the development, his connection Ridhima shares that she is disheartened, especially because she had a lot more to offer to the show.

“I have never been a sore or bitter loser in my life. Even as a kid playing board games, I was okay accepting defeat with a lot of grace. But this is hard to accept, not just for me, my family and fans, but even for viewers who have been seeing me probably for the first time. I had so much more to offer but could not get a chance. The connection factor did not really work out,” shared Ridhima in an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com.

While the Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant actor accepted that the new format could be the reason for her early exit, she said it would be unfair to blame Karan Nath for the same. She said, “We are very different people. He is shy and quiet, while I am an extrovert and can warm up to anyone. Yes, it’s a fact I was one of the highest voted contestants but I cannot solely blame Karan for my eviction. We tried our best, but things just didn’t work.”



Calling her Bigg Boss OTT journey ‘short and eventful’, Ridhima Pandit further shared how she was shocked to see people’s equations changing in minutes. She also revealed that none of the contestants is sitting and strategising, but they are in a ‘flight or fight mode’. Recalling her big moment when she lost her temper on Pratik Sehajpal, the actor said, “Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the argument. I regret it as I gave so much power to someone to destroy my mental peace. However, at the same time, he deserved my fury and anger. It was his one particular statement that triggered me, but we did sort out the matter. It was crazy, and I am never again giving that much power to anyone else.”

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On asked if she would like to go back if offered to re-enter as a wild card, Ridhima said that there would be a lot of other factors involved if it happens. “What if I sign another project, and will the audience still yearn for me, so I cannot say what will happen. However, I must mention that even though I knew how to play the game, I could not. I would have been in a different position if I was solo in the show.”

Giving her take on Karan Johar being accused of siding with Shamita Shetty, and putting down Divya Agarwal, the actor said, “As a host, his job is to ensure that contestants have an idea of all the perception floating around, which he is doing quite well. He is also guiding people, and even pulled up Shamita when she was wrong. So I don’t think he is biased. Everyone has their own way of explaining things,” she shared.

On a concluding note, Ridhima Pandit predicted who could emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss OTT. She said, “Shamita and Divya are really playing a good game. Even Nishant Bhat is quite entertaining, so could be anyone of them.”

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