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Before Inside Edge 3, here’s a recap of the last two seasons

Amazon Prime Video is all set to launch its latest season of Inside Edge. One of the first web shows that caught the fancy of the audience in India, the Farhan Akhtar-Ritesh Sidhwani production lays bare the ugly underbelly of the cricket world. From match-fixing and politics in the game to cricketers’ fragile egos and raging hormones, the show dared to bring out the ugly side of the game that is one half of India’s twin obsessions.

Starring Richa Chadha, Vivek Oberoi, Aamir Bashir, Tanuj Virwani, Sayani Gupta and Sapna Pabbi, among others, Inside Edge 3 promised a racy watch. With the much-hyped India-Pakistan cricket match angle added to the mix, expect a lot of fireworks from this season.

Before you stream the new season, here’s a recap of the previous two iterations.

Inside Edge season 1

The show kickstarts with ‘Power Play T-20 League’, which was based on the IPL. We are introduced to the team Mumbai Mavericks and its co-owner Zarina Malik (Richa Chadha), who by the way is also a Bollywood actor. While the team is led by the dutiful Arvind Vashisht (Angad Bedi), its star player is Vayu Raghavan (Tanuj Virwani). Dialogues like ‘cricketers are god in India’ will give you a sense of how the sport is seen in the country.

Enter Vikrant Dhawan (Vivek Oberoi), the financier who tarnishes the spirit of the game by introducing spot-fixing. A few revolt, others salivate over the big money, while a couple of them are arm-twisted into keeping their mouths shut. There’s also murder, caste and gender violence in this season of the show. As an act of revenge. Will the good guys win? Well, Zarina clean bolds Vikrant, so that’s one for the home team.

A brilliant Siddhant Chaturvedi as Prashant Kinojia also goes on to shoot a bully, Devender (Amit Sial). The first season ends on a cliffhanger. Meanwhile, there is a puppet master, Bhaisaab, who is heard more than he is seen.

Inside Edge season 2

The biggest revelation of season 2 is bhaisaab (Aamir Bashir). It’s Yashvardhan Patil, president of the Indian Cricket Board and the founder of the Power Play League. A man thirsty for power, Patil will go to any length to get what he desires. As Zarina catches his eyes, we all see her rise. She returns to films and gets more control over Mumbai Mavericks, until Patil’s daughter Mantra (Sapna Pabbi) arrives.

Vikrant, meanwhile, is out to get Bhaisaab and Zarina. He plans his moves and attacks his victims, bringing them down. As match-fixing becomes a part of the game, things turn murkier. Mantra also finds love in the volatile Vayu, who is done with his reckless past. Having gotten his heart broken by Zarina, Arvind also moves to a new team and Rohini’s loyalty is divided between Mumbai Mavericks and him. While Prashant suffers from PTSD, affecting his game, the teammates also get a taste of performance-enhancing drugs.

As Vikrant threatens to take over the reins, Bhaisaab gets his daughter and lover arrested for his crimes. He manages to win the cricket board election once again, but will these hurt women let him enjoy the spoils?

What to expect from Inside Edge season 3

After Mumbai Mavericks is found guilty of fixing and using drugs, the team is banned for two years from the league. Hence, the season will now focus on the players playing for the country. The makers have turned the focus on the ‘mother of all series’, an India-Pakistan tournament, that ignites passions in both the countries. Akshay Oberoi will play the Indian captain, who is idolised by youngsters. In the trailer, it’s hinted that he is a closeted gay, fearful that his truth will mar his career.

Vikrant Dhawan will be back this time with the sole intention of getting ‘badla’ from Bhaisaab. From a seductress, Zarina too turns into a ferocious lioness, as she decides to bring Patil down. Match-fixing continues to be at the centre of the drama, as Mantra fights to get betting legalised in India.

Inside Edge 3 will start streaming from December 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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