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Balcony Buddies trailer: Amol Parashar, Aisha Ahmed give us a quirky lockdown story

The coronavirus-induced lockdown has sure given birth to several interesting stories. In fact, in real life too, people have made friends with their neighbours, have found love on social media and even gotten married over video call. Now, Amol Parashar and Aisha Ahmed are bringing a quirky story on Friendship Day, which is relatable on several levels.

Balcony Buddies is an MX Special Interactive Film about an accidental friendship between two strangers in lockdown. The over a minute-long trailer begins with Aristotle quote – “Man is by nature a social animal.” We meet characters of Amol and Aisha who find company in each other, while maintaining social distance. From playing games to choosing outfits and celebrating birthdays, Amol and Aisha do it all.

Watch the trailer here:

Talking about the film, Aisha Ahmed said, “I love making friends, so during the lockdown I would randomly wave at people from my building’s terrace just for some human interaction. Amol and I have known each other for a while now so it made filming this piece easy and fun. It’s a beautiful take on how you can find friends in the most surprising ways and I hope the audience sees it as a breath of fresh air. It celebrates Friendship Day in its truest sense and the interactivity element makes it all the more fun for the viewer.”

“Usually people think making new friends in lockdown is rather difficult, which is partly true but I feel that if one just looks in the right place or just makes that extra effort to greet their neighbor, a lot can happen. This film is a lighthearted take along the same lines and I am very happy to be a part of it,” Amol said in a statement.

The film will begin streaming on MX Player on August 1.

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